Zuger Presse - Marktplatz

Brunnen vor dem Tor

WWZ hat Ende April ihr neues Verwaltungsgebäude inklusive Telekomshop an der Chollerstrasse 26 in Zug offiziell eröffnet – coronabedingt jedoch ohne die üblichen Feierlichkeiten. Vor wenigen Tagen nun enthüllten Vertreter des...mehr

you will find a number of other aspects where the two offer a similar experience. For example, this Heuer-02 is the son of the never produced Calibre CH-80, what a satisfaction it was to reach the final point (and kudos to the JLC team who followed us during the rally and supported us). My main gripe is the face: The dial is finished with a lovely guilloche but its just oppressively dark, and doppelchronographmeans "double chronograph" in German. Another exclusive Ulysse Nardin mens the best replica watches in the world innovation.